Protect(iON) Club


Each well equipped (iON) represents an individual’s universe that we protect

Project name: Protect(iON) Club – protection equipment for healthcare workers in Cluj-Napoca hospitals

Description: In the context of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, everyone’s activity underwent significant changes. So was our case but we did not let it intimidate us and approached the situation as a challenge as well as an opportunity to shift our focus towards community projects.

The last funded project joins the other initiatives of Liver Research Club (Start O2, The Oxygen Club,  SARS-CoV-2 ToolBox), whose positive impact for the target groups – both healthcare workers and patients – is already visible.

Protect(iON) Club came as a response to the problem that our team has identified in the hospitals, namely the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE). Caring for a single patient (infected or not) is a team effort, which especially now has to be protected in order to prevent contamination with the novel coronavirus. Given the actual epidemiological context, PPE are either absent in some hospitals, either hard to find on the market as the request is really high; in some cases, although the PPE is available, it does not correspond to the standards of quality. To insure that healthcare workers will not fall victims to these deficiencies, we took initiative and launched Protect(iON) Club.

Protect(iON) Club is funded by the Start ONG programme, launched by Kaufland Romania and implemented through Act for Tomorrow Association

Start ONG is a programme launched by Kaufland Romania and implemented by Act for Tomorrow Association. The main domains are: education, health, environment, social and culture. The total amount offered by the programme is 500.000 €. Start ONG Programme is the most simplified instrument for obtaining funds for community projects, addressed to young non-governmental organisations (NGOs), non-administrative institutions and informal/initiative groups.

During implementation, at least 60 healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, auxiliary personnel) from hospitals in Cluj-Napoca will benefit from the PPEs (surgical gowns, masks – surgical, KN95, N95, FFP2; surgical capes; surgical gloves) and solutions/ devices for disinfection purchased from the project’s budget so that contamination would be absent or reduced to a minimum.

We expect that through this project we bring a sense of safety for the healthcare workers who are using their knowledge, determination and selflessness to save their patient’s lives. We consider that it is our responsibility to support these people in order to keep the much-needed healthcare human resource untouched so that they will be able to care for us. Protecting them, our (iON)s, we protect ourselves.

Budget:  11 917 RON

Acquisitions: to be announced

Results: to be announced

How can you become involved and support us?

  1. Sharing this post to as many of your contacts as possible
  2. Making a donation on the Liver Research Club Association website platform 
  3. Making a donation in the association’s bank account:

Beneficiary: Asociatia Liver Research Club (LIREC)

Account: RO53INGB0000999909271605

Bank: ING Bank

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